4 Keys to Unlocking the Gift of Mentoring in Your Life

You’ve been walking around with a precious resource and you probably didn’t even realize it. It’s a gift that an entire generation is rummaging through relationships, scouring  the internet and social media trying to find. Know what it is?

Your personal life experience and wisdom. The next generation is desperate to have a pool of mentorship to dive in to. The problem is the pool is empty. It’s been drained for winter, a long winter. Here are 4 reasons why the mentor pool has been closed and how to get it back open:


1. Potential Mentors don’t see the mentor potential in themselves. They don’t see the gift they carry. They’ve fallen for a lie, believing if they’ve not perfected their life, their marriage or a skill; then they don’t have anything to invest.

Mentorshift: If you’re even a few steps ahead of someone you’ve got something to turn around and give them. Don’t wait for perfection in you’re own life before you share from your wins and losses. Think about the seasons of life you’ve walked through already. You have something to give to someone still in those chapters of life.

2. Potential Mentors might believe the next generation could care less about being mentored. Don’t buy into the percieved aloofness that this next generation is known for. They’ve learned to communicate by texting and social media and are still learning to communicate true needs.

Mentorshift: This next generation desires deep relational investment beyond just downloading knowledge. Take a risk. Be vulnerable and put yourself out there. The worse that could happen is that they say no, but think about the huge life changing potential of a YES!

3. Potential Mentors believe they don’t have time. With the pace of life we live in today’s society there’s a resistance to want to commit to anything more in our lives.

Mentorshift: Mentoring doesn’t have to be done on a weekly basis that’s driven by a 3 inch binder. I know several that meet with a group they mentor once a month and they make themselves available by phone and e-mail.  Take mentoring out of the box that you might have put it in. You and the one you’re pouring into are unique. Let your version of mentorship be unique as well.

4. Potential Mentors believe their greatest days are behind them. They’ve sunk their teeth into the belief that the days of making a significant impact and changing the world are long behind.

Mentorshift: The value of your life’s investment will be measured long after you’re gone. It will be based on the legacy that outlasts you. Accomplishments, items consumed and enjoyed, money earned….all will be forgotten. People are the highest investment because they have the ability to pay your investment forward.

Bottom line: No matter how young or old you are, you have someone you can pour your life into. They’re waiting.

Talk to me. How would you add to the above list? What else do potential mentors needs to know? How have you been impacted by a mentor? Share below.

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