3 Keys To Asking God Your Biggest Questions

If you’re anything like me you have a million questions for God.

“Why did you do things that way? How can I? How could you? Why then? Why didn’t you ______?  Why me? Why them?”

Being a pastor doesn’t make me immune to these questions. I know what it is to lay awake at night staring at the ceiling wrestling these questions with God. The longer I live, the more of these questions stack up.

Questions for God

Here are 3  Keys to dealing with these questions:

1. Ask them. There seems to be an unwritten rule in some Christian circles that we aren’t allowed to ask God the tough questions. Wrong. He’s a big boy. He can take it. I love this quote from pastor and author, Tim Keller, “Only if your God can outrage you and make you struggle will you know that you worship the real God and not a figment of your imagination.”   God knows we don’t get it, so our questions are hardly a surprise. Don’t push your questions down into your emotional box and get bitter. Invite God to walk you through this journey instead of trying to go it alone.

2. Look to the Bible. Allow the word of God to be your true north in this search. Secular ideas and cultural norms are always shifting. The Word of God will act as an anchor in the midst of your storm. Make sure to resist the temptation to turn away from answers that are uncomfortable. We can’t ask God for answers and then reject the truths we don’t like. You may not find every answer you’re looking for in scripture, but you will find there the essence of God’s nature and character.

3. Get Ready to Wait. God very well may answer some of your questions in this life through hindsight and His word. However, many of your questions will not be answered until you meet him face to face. Remember, Jesus told his disciples several times, “It is not for you to know…”. W.W. Wiersbe put it this way, “God’s people live on promises, not on explanations.”  The hard truth to swallow is while we may want explanations in this life, we don’t need them.

I’m asking and seeking with you.

Speaking of answers, I don’t have them all. What keys would you add above? Share below.