10 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Brave leaders ask brave questions. Here are 10 crucial questions every leader must ask:

1. What has Jesus Christ called me to do?

2. Where do I need to grow in my leadership and how will I get there?

3. Who can I learn from?

4. What crucial task am I avoiding?

5. What conversation am I avoiding?

6. What do I not need to be doing any more?

7.  What’s my greatest fear?

8. What area of leadership do I feel most insecure?

8. Is there any area of my life that does not line up with my values?

9. Is there any area in my leadership that I’m having to manufacture momentum?

10. Who will I mentor?


If you’re willing to answer these questions honestly you are on the right track for exponential growth.

Your turn! What question would you add to this list and why? Join the conversation below.