Give the World Your Gift

I’ve got issues. Enough issues that you could say I have a subscription.

For instance one of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in my ministry of writing and preaching has been the nagging feeling that everything that needs to be said has already been written and said by others. The result has been a near paralysis in writing and sharing what God has placed on my heart. Consequently my God-given gifts end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust not helping anyone.We Need Your gift

Right now Christmas music is rocking at full force in grocery and department stores, living rooms, and of course cars around the country. Have you noticed it always seems to be the same songs played every year? Have you also noticed that even though it’s the same songs sung, they’re sung by many people? Why? Because people love to hear their favorite vocalist sing their favorite songs in their style.

The same is true when it comes to God’s truths; those truth “songs” aren’t going to change. King Solomon wrote there’s “nothing new under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9). And yes those truths have been sung by many that have come before you and I, but here’s the God freeing truth for you and I: God wants the world to experience his truth and goodness through the unique gifts He’s given you.

You and I cannot create and innovate truth, but we can be a unique prism that God’s truth shines through. So, whatever your gift is as a writer, preacher, craftsmen, teacher, student, business owner, parent….whatever it is…..don’t hide your gift, let it run rampant. It may feel like the same song that’s been sung countless times, but your personality and flavor will shine through and connect with those it’s meant to.

Let’s get off the shelf and shine together.

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On a Comeback

Remember me?

I’ve missed you guys.

I put my pen and podcast mic down about 5 months ago. Here’s why:

Because you and I are so deeply immersed in the lives of those in our home we can quickly be overtaken by schedules, plans, and extracurricular stuff. Instead of doing life, we can end up waking up one day and realizing that life is doing us. That’s exactly what happened to me this year and my eyes were opened to the realization that I had lost my intentional edge; the very intentionality I had talked about in my podcasts.

Date nights with my wife had waned. Devotional moments in The Word with my boys had become spotty. I knew it was time for me to take a break and put things in order. No one wants to listen to a hypocrite and I don’t want to be one.

Here’s the truth the Lord’s been reminding me as a husband and dad over the past few months:

The first place you and I are called to love, lead, and pastor is our home.

Putting our faith and family first must be more than just words. These precious ones are counting on you and I to get this right.

As I do this I’m leaning back in to sharing here and I hope it’s a help.

Let’s grow together.


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#012 Finding Clear Eyes in Your Marriage [Podcast]


In this episode I share a recent message that I gave at Radiant Church during a relationship series. My focus in this message was about the importance of spouses having clear eyes when it comes to how they view their spouse.

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#011 Four Questions You Should Be Asking Your Kids [Podcast]


In this episode I talk about four key questions dads can be asking their kids to draw out their child’s heart.

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Show Notes:

Here are 4 questions every Dad should be asking their kids: 

1. What was the best part of your day?  .

2. What was the worst part of your day?

3. What’s your favorite memory of us?

4. What do you want to talk to God about?  

These questions are powerful when you give yourself time to ask them and when you ask them with consistency. Be present with your kids and ask.

What did I miss? What would you add? Share Below.

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#010 Communication 101 [Podcast]


In this episode I sit down with author and speaker, Lennon Noland to talk through some pro tips for taking our communication with our wives to the next level.

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See Show Notes Below:

Hero Husband Hero Dad Podcast


Show Notes:

Communication Tips:

  1. Set time aside for intentioinal connecting.

  2. Connect with each other , not just the net. Proximity doesn’t always equal intimacy. 

  3. There must be Rules of Engagement (These are golden!)

  4. Vocalize your affection. Don’t assume they know how you feel.


Find Lennon’s work here: 

What did we miss? What would you add to this list? Share below!

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